The greatest of these is love

I will confess
I compose
More comfortably in prose
Than in poetry
– those sweet bullet points and broken sentences
Of song and story.

But poetry is the medium
Of love and passion;
When poetry is its agent,
Language is aspiration.

Philanthropy is literally
The love of humanity,
And if love is a leap of faith,
Philanthropy is aspiration.

In my corner
Of this hopeful world
Are prospect researchers.
Who yet so love our missions,
our prospects,
and our profession,
That we, like poets,
Bend our language to
The currency of aspiration
And the wealth of passion.

Prospect research is philanthropy.
Prospect research is faith.
Prospect research is hope.
Prospect research is love.

Prospect research may look like prose
But it is just as likely
To be poetry.


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